I never set out to write non-fiction.
But here I am.
It's just that I love telling stories.
And that thing about truth being even stranger than fiction?
I believe it.
My newest book is Things My Mother Taught Me - a collection of 20 interviews (including my own story), with a bunch of interesting Australians.

Many thanks to Naomi Simson, Geraldine Cox, Benjamin Law, Shaynna Blaze, Tiriel Mora, Tracy Bartram, Miguel Maestre, Adriano Zumbo, Fiona Patten, Li Cunxin, Paul Vasileff (Paolo Sebastian), Napoleon Perdis, Lynn Gilmartin, Jaqueline Pascarl, Kathy Lette, Greg Fleet, Robin Bowles and Lawrence Mooney for sharing their time and their very personal experiences about the impact and influence their mums had on their lives.

I’ve been a writer for about 19 years – a lifelong dream that I've been lucky enough to turn into reality.
Really...luck had less to do with it than a head full of ideas and a determination to keep trying to find homes for them.
Along the way, I’ve had four of my own non-fiction books published, with a few more that I ghost-wrote for other people.
And now, I've started work on my fifth - but you'll hear more about that in 2017...

I love storytelling – in any form – and I am a committed fan of the lost art of listening.
Try it today – you won’t be disappointed.
And if you want someone to listen to your story, try me:
My writing career started doing features for The Sunday Age and, since then, I’ve had more than 1000 articles published in lots of magazines and newspapers, including:

• The Australian
• The West Australian
• Adelaide Advertiser
• Courier Mail
• Sunday Herald Sun
• Sydney Morning Herald
• Marie Claire
• Melbourne Magazine
• The Weekly Review
• GQ
• Sunday Life
• Rolling Stone
• Australian House & Garden
• The Australian Women’s Weekly
• Australian Men’s Style
• The Independent on Sunday (UK)
…and many more