For some, the lessons we learn from the first key person in our lives – our mother – sets the course for the life we lead. It might be that we set out to do exactly what we’re told and shown, or perhaps we’re motivated to do the very opposite. The truth? Mothers aren’t perfect.

In some cases, they try to be. In others, there’s not even a glimmer of pretence. For everyone, that critical relationship – whether it is positive and loving, or scarred with bitterness – leaves a huge impression. Things My Mother Taught Me features stories of high profile mothers, and high profile people including: Benjamin Law, Naomi Simson, Li Cunxin, Shaynna Blaze Vaughan, Napoleon Perdis, Tracy Bartram, Adriano Zumbo, Fiona Patten, Graeme Simsion and more – each reflecting on their relationship with their mother. It’s an exploration of all the stuff mothers know (or don’t know) and how that knowledge and the ability to share it — for good or bad — helps to shape a person. Sometimes it’s the smallest moments that have the biggest impact. Ask for Things My Mother Taught Me at your favourite bookstore.